Hello World !

Update August 24, 2017 : this site is now powered by WordPress.

Update Octrober 28, 2016 : this site is now powered by Pelican.

it’s just to make sure that I have my site works properly, By the way, I am tired coz i’ve been fighting with jekyll for more than 4 hours. (-__-‘)

First, Why dont we just test the light,

seems good right ? Couples of words that I like besides code is quotes. And I like Spiderman.

..with great power comes great responsibility..

Okay thats enough I thiink I dont have to test all the typos. So, How can I got all of this and Why ? I need to do something fresh, bloging at github maybe. Nothing special. Anyway, also I don’t try the technology yet before: Jekyll. That’s somethin’ else. I just wondering, why the first thing in programming always hello world, it just such a suggestion that influenced me too. Well, that’s all for know. Next post will be something more useful than this. I promise. Do you have a Jekyll site ? It’ll be greate if you share the experience with me.