Codeigniter 3 for Complex Application

This is why I think that Codeigniter is not suitable for a complex application.

If you plan your app can be customized in the future without pain, if data involved is not predictable, if it is intended to be developed across various team member for a long term period, thats require a little bit complexity. I mean, complex feature means complex requirements, and as far as i know, codeigniter is designed to be just… codeigniter. [selengkapnya…]

Understanding Laravel 4

Why Laravel ? There is Taylor Otwel, Author of Laravel, commented at that post. Personally, one of the reason that I used to pick a framework is “taste”, and I admit it, laravel has nice taste, Laravel has nice sintax. However, “Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang”, that means if you don’t really know, then you don’t really love. Started about two weeks ago, I dig into Laravel. And Now, what I’ve got ? [selengkapnya…]

Hello World !

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it’s just to make sure that I have my site works properly, By the way, I am tired coz i’ve been fighting with jekyll for more than 4 hours. (-__-‘)