Learning Solr

I learnt a lot of interesting things. This has been a few months, since I started to read about search engine, particularly Solr. I need it because of the requirement at work, but I am really happy to do that. That was fun. So these are what I’ve got so far.

Solr is all about feeding it with data and how you get the data back. When we feed Solr with data, thats called indexing. When we need to get the data back, thats called Query. So two activity that always we do when working with solr is Indexing and Query-ing. If you ever using Database Sql, its like you just do INSERT INTO and SELECT something FROM. Thats simplest explanation.

Here is some of term I have to familiar with when working with Solr: [selengkapnya…]

Handle Error di Promise.catch()

Baru sempat baca lebih lanjut tentang error handling di Promise Javascript. Agak ketinggalan sih, karena ini masalah sudah ada dari 2 tahun-an lalu, tapi gak apa, baru fokus ke Javascript setahun terakhir, dan anyway agak susah juga cari artikel yang bahas ini pake Bahasa Indonesia jadi saya tulis aja disini.