Hello Phabricator

Thu 18 June 2015

So, due to the codes that always being sucks and hard to manage, I proposed my current company to do code reviews. As the tool, we choose Phabricator. At first I guess I'll choose Gitlab, or even Atlasian, but Phabricator seems worth to be tried.

Seriously, you can get general information about phabricator by just google it. Here I am just sharing my experiences.

What Phabricator can do for you ?

Phabricator is complete collection of software intended to aids software development. Some feature are already complete, some in prototype phase. For now, Phabricator can do:

  1. Repository Hosting Management
  2. Code Review
  3. Project and Task Management.
  4. Wiki
  5. Kind of chat room called "Conpherence"
  6. and many more

Why Phabricator ?

We choose phabricator becouse of some reasons :

  1. It's LAMP application, which is also our daily environment.
  2. Free and Open
  3. Why Not ?


You can follow the instruction https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabricator/article/installation_guide/. First repo pull via http, I got error about git-http-backend. If you do too, you can do the following:

cd  /path/tp/phabricator/support/bin
sudo ln -sv /usr/lib/git-core/git-http-backend


Herald is phabricator application you can use to control data in phabricator, for example, In my company I need to restrict some push when no accepted revision exists, then I use herald to control it. I make the herald rule as following:

When all of these conditions are met:
Accepted Differential revision does not exist
Pusher is not any of <username>

Take these actions every time this rule matches:
Block change with message Review is required for all changes.

Differential Test Plan

By default, when creating a revision thru arc diff , you will be prompted to fill test plan. If you don't need it, you can turn it off by:

phabricator/$ ./bin/config set differential.require-test-plan-field false

and edit differential.fields to the following:

 "differential:test-plan": {
    "key": "differential:test-plan",
    "disabled": true

You can go to Config application by clicking Config on sidebar menu.

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